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Great minds don’t set out to be leaders… They set out to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
It’s never about the role; it’s always about the goal. Have a look at the incredible personalities who are the reasons behind one of the leading Event Management agency today!.


Raj Pachauli, the General Manager of Sales of MILESTONE EVENT MANAGEMENT LTD.,has an array of experience in the event affairs for almost 2 decades. With his amazing personality and unequalled/unmatched dedication and endeavor, which has resulted in strengthening the foundation and expanding the company’s arena of functioning across Pan India.

- GM Operations

Ramji Rai, the General Manager of Operations of company believes that innovative, bold actions create growth & positive change. With this persistent passion and zeal, he became the backbone of the company and built a core production crew for hassle free production & operation process.

- Creative Head

Naina Tandon, the creative head of the company, is a great asset as her artistry and innovative mind has not left any kind of detailing out of her sight. Her unparalleleddedication has carved a special niche for the Company in the field of ingenuity. Her exciting personality is contagious yet her calm demeanor helps clients feel at ease.